New Doha International Airport, Qatar

The new airport in Doha, Qatar, will be finished in 2009 and be fully completed in 2015. It will be one of the greatest airports in the world with a huge capacity. This new aiport will replace the current airport.

New Doha International Airport will be more than an amazing hub for Qatar. It will be 22 square kilometers large and be able to handle 50 million passengers. Thus, it will be three times larger than the existing airport of Doha, and will be able to handle six times as many passengers.

NDIA will be the first airport in history specifically designed for the Airbus 380 and will be record breaking in many aspects. Its runway will be one of the world's longest. Its terminal, one of the largest.

If you want to know more about how the current project is proceeding, visit the NDIA project site